These bright, colourful, thought provoking questions are designed to encourage learners in grades 5 through 8 to become more involved in learning mathematics. The over 200 high quality questions, with on-screen hints and answers, cover many curriculum strands and learning outcomes.
  • To start a lesson

  • As a whole class activity

  • Individual student learning

  • To introduce, support and enforce a concept

  • To improve math vocabulary and English       skills

  • To develop and improve problem solving         skills

  • To support a variety of ability levels

  • To support a variety of learning styles

  • As a bonus activity

  • To help structure the curriculum and               learning environment

  • For individual or group learning in a resource  centre

  • As a fun way to learn in a home or self study environment 

Math Starters
Math Starters
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ERAC evaluated - approved for use in BC Schools
Math Starters

Math Starters

The questions are formatted in such a way that users can select a curriculum strand (Number, Patterns, Measurement, Geometry, Algebra, or Data Analysis), then select a topic within the strand (eg Decimals, 2-D Geometry, Statistics) and even specific questions within the topic.
PDF: Math Starters Student
This set of over 200 colourful questions covering many curriculum topics is designed to interest and motivate students. The questions together with on-screen hints and are laid out in such a way that a teacher can select a topic and specific questions from the menu/index.
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