Problem Solving

Sample Math Problem
Sample Math Problem
Sample Math Problem
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ERAC evaluated - approved for use in BC Schools
Over 70 colourful, interesting problems, together with tutorials, hints and solutions are designed to improve grade 5 through 9 learners' problem solving skills, encourage them to take risks, apply their mathematical knowledge in new situations, appreciate the value of mathematics, and increase confidence.

Students can work individually, in pairs or in groups.
  • Use a List or Table
  • Draw a Picture or Diagram
  • Determine a Pattern
  • Guess and Check
  • Work Backwards
  • Use Logical Reasoning
  • Apply Algebraic Thinking
  • Solve a Simpler Problem
Focus on one strategy at a time, go through the tutorial and study the worked example, then solve the problems based on the chosen strategy. 

Study all 8 strategies then randomly select a problem from the 30 mixed problems and solve using an appropriate strategy.
PDF: Problem Solving
Each of the 8 strategies in this resource contains an on-screen tutorial and a worked example followed by six problems focusing on the strategy. The resource also includes 30 problems for students to solve using their own strategies. On-screen hints and solutions are included for all problems.

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