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New Teachers’ Conference,
February, 2012
(Posted October 28, 2011) New Teachers' Conference will be held in February, 2012 at Queen Elizabeth School in Surrey.
MCATA Fall Conference, 2012:
Math is NOT a Spectator Sport
(Posted October 28, 2011) The MCATA Fall Conference will be held in Jasper at the Jasper Park Lodge from October 12 - 13, 2012.
BCAMT Fall Conference,
October 21, 2011
(Posted September 5, 2011) This year’s BCAMT Fall conference, "21st Century Learning – Moving Forward in Mathematics" will be held at Cariboo Hill Secondary School in Burnaby on October 21.
The Root 7 team has some great news!
(Posted June, 2011) We at Root 7 are delighted to announce that both our Problem Set and our Math Starters have been evaluated by ERAC (Educational Resource Acquisition Consortium). This means that both resources have been approved for use in BC schools.

This is very exciting news and reinforces our belief that we are creating high quality educational resources.
Root 7 at the 15th Annual BC Homeschool Convention & Expo
(Posted June, 2011) Our display at the recent BC Home School Convention attracted a lot of visitors, the majority of whom enjoyed the questions (not to mention the chocolates for successfully answering a question!) and provided much positive feedback.
Problem Solving Resources at Root 7
(Posted December 28, 2010) Stayed tuned as we will have a Problem Solving Resource coming soon! It's over 70 colourful, interesting problems designed to improve learners’ problem solving skills, encourage them to take risks, apply their mathematical knowledge in new situations, appreciate the value of mathematics, and increase confidence.
National Council of Teachers Annual Conference
(Posted December 28, 2010) The National Council of Teachers Annual Conference will be held in Indianapolis from April 13 – 16, 2011
BCAMT New Teachers' Conference
(Posted December 28, 2010) The BCAMT New Teachers' Conference will be held February 12, 2011 in Richmond.
Math Starters Winner
(Posted November, 2010) Congratulations to Barb Thom of Surrey who won a free set of Starter questions at the BCAMT Conference on October 22.

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