Working with Pattern Blocks provides an excellent opportunity for students to develop conceptual understanding of many mathematical ideas.

The over 85 activities using pattern blocks helps students increase their knowledge and understanding of various concepts found in many grade 5 through 9 math curricula.

Our Pattern Block resource covers topics in Measurement (Perimeter, Area and Angles), Fractions (add, subtract, multiply, divide fractions and mixed numbers), Geometry (properties of 2-d shapes), Patterns (extending and developing “formulas”), and Transformations (line symmetry, reflections, translations, rotations, combinations of transformations).

Each topic includes Teacher Notes and Answers, and a More Practice worksheet to help students transition from the concrete (hands on) stage to the symbolic (paper and pencil) stage as required by most curricula.
  • Assign one or more Activity questions to each student and allow them to work individually, in pairs or in groups
  • Observe the students as they work and ask questions, or ask them to explain their work, to ensure they understand the mathematics
  • Ensure they record their work as this helps them clarify their thinking and reinforce their understanding.
  • The More Practice questions are important as they are designed to make the connection from “Hands-on” to “paper and pencil” ie from the concrete to the more abstract symbolic representation.

Math Starters

Pattern Blocks

Years of research on how children learn has shown that the use of manipulatives such as pattern blocks is a powerful tool for developing conceptual understanding of mathematics.

By using our Pattern Blocks resource students will be:
  • Actively involved in doing math which motivates them and builds confidence. 
  • Provided with excellent opportunities to work together, discuss mathematical ideas, and verbalize their thinking.
  • Given concrete representations of mathematical ideas thus providing a visual model to refer to.
  •  Provided with Practice questions to extend and reinforce their knowledge and understanding.
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These “hands-on” Activities use Pattern Blocks to develop conceptual understanding of topics from Measurement, Fractions, Geometry, Patterns and Transformations while the Extra Practice pages make the important link from concrete hands-on learning to symbolic paper and pencil reinforcement of learning.

The resource includes Teaching Notes and Answers to all questions.
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