A group of highly qualified, experienced educators with almost 200 years experience as:

  • classroom teachers, administrators, and education leaders at all     grades from K through advanced grade 12
  • teachers, administrators, and education leaders in learning             assistance and ESL environments
  • instructors at the college and university level in mathematics and   Teacher Education programs
  • workshop and in-service program designers and presenters at         provincial, national and international levels
  • consultants at local, provincial, and national levels in Canada and   overseas
  • mathematics textbook writers and editors 
All students can learn and enjoy mathematics.
This flies in the face of the perception of many students, teachers, and society in general.    
  • intrinsically interesting

  • aesthetically pleasing

  • intellectually stimulating

  • FUNctionally useful

These colourful, curriculum based resources strongly support learning in:

  • regular classes, special ed, ESL, and gifted classes
  • home and home-school settings
  • school libraries, and resource centres
  • ESL colleges, store-front schools, and alternative programs

Our Philosophy

a. To provide a variety of resources, assistance, and support for students, teachers, parents and educators, including:

  • resources for use in classrooms, libraries, learning assistance rooms and in home schooling environments
  • workshops and in-service programs
  • consulting services
  • free resources

b. To motivate and enhance learning through:

  • content that is relevant to the curriculum and provides opportunities to use a variety of teaching and learning strategies
  • questions that are interesting, relevant to students, and spark curiosity
  • graphics that are bright and colourful, and link directly to the questions
  • questions that are clear and self explanatory and can be used with or without teacher direction