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Projects are an excellent way for learners to develop and improve their math skills; designing a park or restaurant, planning a trip, building a structure all require planning, organisation, and application of math.

We at Root 7 are developing a series of projects that will include all the necessary information, time lines, expectations, and assessment rubrics. Students can work independently or in groups, at school and at home to create imaginative and mathematical projects.

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Have you ever thought of organizing a math celebration such as a math day in school, a math evening for parents, or students and parents, an outdoor math day or even a math camp? We at Root 7 are in the process of creating series of celebrations that individual teachers can use with their classes, or the entire school can use for a special school wide mathematics celebration.

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Math through literature combines mathematics with the appeal of stories and a real life setting. Mathematics becomes part of everyday life as the characters in the story react, and the plot develops around math concepts. At the end of book there is a set of questions and activities so that children can review the concepts presented.

Reward your students with a bookmark that includes a colourful math challenge together with some useful math information.

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The first set of colourful note cards depicting some of the Root 7 “critters” will be available in early November 2010. These cards are wonderful to send notes home about student progress in math, a wonderful thank you note to students, or a great way to tell a student you applaud his or her efforts or improved achievement.

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