"How do I love Root 7's MathStarters? Let me count the ways!"  J. Wilson, SD 46, BC

1. The set covers all the key topics in the elementary Math Curriculum

2. Fun graphics and interesting topics make the problems appealing to most students 

3. The problems are ideal to start your day with some quiet brain activity, or your Math class, or at the end of the day if you need a little quiet time while the kids are thinking.

4. Answers are provided with clear expectations

5. The questions may give you ideas for new problems or connections with those in your teaching materials
I like having something done for me, as long as it is done well, and easy for me to use. The questions work well with a computer and a projector.
It is easy to find an alternative question if you repeat one (and the kids notice), or if the level isn't quite appropriate.

Thanks Root 7, for a helping hand to Intermediate and Middle School teachers working hard to teach math well every day.

This means that students have to:
  • Develop and extend their knowledge and understanding by solving problems
  • Learn and apply strategies for solving a variety of non-routine problems

Based on over 100 years of collective experience in all aspects of mathematics education, the team at Root 7 has created exciting, easy to use, innovative resources designed to address both of these requirements. These resources provide a unique combination of high quality curriculum-based content with colourful graphics that will engage students while improving their mathematical ability.

  • Students
  • Classroom Teachers
  • Home Schoolers
  • Parents
  • Librarians
  • Resources Teachers
  • ESL Teachers
  • Store Fronts
These Math resources are designed for...

“Problem Solving is central to learning mathematics”

Who Should Use

Who should use these resources
Resources are ideally suited as tools to increase the “enjoyment factor” of learning and doing math.

In the classroom a teacher can use:
  • the Math Starters to start a lesson, to reinforce a point during a lesson, or as a standalone resource for individual use, 
  • the Problem Solving resource as a part of a lesson, to reinforce students’ problem solving ability, or as a standalone resource for individual use, 

In the home learning environment parents or tutors can use the Math Starters to motivate children at the start of a lesson or as an integral part of a lesson. The Problem Solving resource is ideally suited when teaching or reinforcing individual problem solving strategies. 
Designed for use with students working at the grade 5 to 9 level, our “Math Starters” consist of over 200 colourful questions covering all strands of the curriculum and take a “learning via problem solving” approach. The inclusion of colourful graphics creates interest and motivates students to determine the answers. All questions come with on-screen hints and answers. 

Our “Problem Solving” resource provides a worked example and six problems for each of the eight problem-solving strategies, together with 30 additional problems in which students select the most appropriate strategy. The inclusion of colourful graphics creates interest and motivates students to determine the solutions. All problems come with on-screen hints and solutions.

Our "Pattern Blocks" resource provides an excellent opportunity for learners to develop a sound conceptual understanding of many learning outcomes in the grades 4 to 8 curriculum. Topics from Measurement, Fractions, Geometry, Patterns, and Transformations are addressed with interesting Hands-on Activities, Teacher Notes, Practice Questions to reinforce and consolidate understanding, and Answers to all questions are included.